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  北京左馳工業裝備有限公司致力于為企業用戶的生產、物流、倉 儲系統提供包括規劃、設計、制造、安裝和保養的綜合服務。

  我們的產品涵蓋工作臺、工具柜、工具車、線網制品、精益管理 系統、液壓搬運車、工業貨架、物料箱等各種物料整理搬運系統,是 現代企業提高生產效率,產品質量,提升公司形象不可或缺的裝備。

  多年來,我們深入企業生產現場,研究客戶對產品的實際使用狀況, 了解客戶對產品質量和功能的更多建議,我們悉心傾聽,分析并尋求 更加科學的解決辦法,不斷改善我們的產品細節,以滿足不同行業客 戶對產品需求的細微差異。

  如今,我們的客戶已遍布機械、電子、汽 車、鐵路、航空航天、醫藥、食品、文教等各個領域。

  客戶滿意是我們的終極目標。我們所有的努力,一切以客戶需求 為中心,持續改善,您有任何意見或建議請反饋給我們,我們必將給 您一個滿意的答復。

  Zochi Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. Beijing is committed to providing comprehensive services including planning, design, manufacture, installation and maintenance for business users production, logistics, warehousing systems.

  Our products cover the workbench, tool cabinet, tool cart, wire mesh products, lean management systems, pallet trucks, industrial shelves, boxes and other material finishing materials handling systems, modern enterprises to improve production efficiency, product quality, enhance the company's image indispensable. Over the years,our in-depth production site,study the actual use of the product for the customer, understanding the customer more suggestions on product quality and functionality, we listen carefully, analyze and seek solutions to more scientific and constantly improving our product details,customers in different industries to meet demand for products nuances. Today, our customers have been around in various fields of mechanical, electronic, automotive, rail, aerospace, medicine, food, culture and education.

  Customer satisfaction is ou「ultimate goal. All our efforts, all to customer demand for the center, continued to improve, you have any comments or suggestions, please feedback to us, we will give you a satisfactory answer.北京左馳工業裝備有限公司